Business Builder Program

While many CCPS® (Certified College Planning Specialist™) only need our basic membership tools & resources to adequately support their client base, the Business Builder Program is for those advisors who want financial strategy suggestions and access to personal support in the NICCP Forum area (Discussions With Experts) from our founder, Rick Darvis, CPA, CCPS®.

The Business Builder Program includes:

Client Strategy & Case Study Analysis

There is a special area on our discussion forum called DISCUSSIONS WITH EXPERTS. Here Rick and Ron not only answer questions on strategy and financial products with our Business Builder members, but also how to sell and implement the strategy and how to deal with common objections that may come up.

When one of our expert monitors shares strategy implementation ideas, or answer client questions for an advisor, everyone in the Business Builder program has access to that discussion. This special discussion forum allows you to keep up to date on what's going on in the field, the latest marketing ideas, who's doing what, what's working, what isn't working. You do not get this inside information on the standard membership forums. If you want to take your college funding practice to the next level, having access to this special discussion forum is practically mandatory.

Practice Management Training Videos

This 12 hour video training course gives you a complete step-by-step process for building a college funding practice covering the seven strategic areas:

Some of the ideas and strategies you'll learn from this video training course are:

Business Builder Resources & Tools

As a member of the special Business Builder group, you also have access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources you need to deliver a turnkey college-funding service to your clients. You get everything you need to run your college funding practice out of the gate, without going through a heavy learning curve. You get all the software and calculators you need to run the technical side of your business, plus you get all the marketing campaigns and done-for-you marketing collateral that you can personalize and immediately start promoting your practice.

College Funding Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing campaigns help you to claim the dominant position of authority in your community. They include:

College Funding Marketing Collateral

You also get high impact templates that you can personalize and use immediately.

If you want to take your college funding practice to the next level, the Business Builder program is an absolute must have. Join our elite group of Business Builder advisors now!